What you can expect in our time together

“Nutrition isn’t about eating; it’s about learning to live.”


I connect with women and families who are experiencing things like digestive issues, low energy levels, decreased mental focus, decreased relationship with food, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Collectively, we desire natural, healthy living through nutrition and lifestyle balance in this fast-paced modern world. 

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Hannah Robson, NTP

I provide Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a science-based holistic approach to healing that focuses on lifestyle and the six nutritional foundations – nutrient-dense whole-food diet, proper digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and adequate hydration.

To make the most of the therapist-client relationship in Nutritional Therapy, I’ve found we must share these five values.

A Balanced Holistic, Natural Lifestyle Is Possible

Do you believe balance is possible? Do you desire to eat and live a holistic, natural lifestyle? If you don’t know how to make that happen but want to try, I’m here for you. 

Change is Required

Are you open to the idea that our fast paste modern world can affect your health and well-being and that you may need to make some nutrition and lifestyle changes to meet your health and wellness goals? In doing so, you could return to a healthier, more focused, and energetic state of being. 

The Body Can Sometimes Naturally Heal Itself

Are you open to the idea that your body may be able to do amazing things naturally with the right foundations in place? Not always, but we can often help the body heal naturally through lifestyle changes. Working to balance mind and body is important, and we can do this together. 

Food is not just Fuel

Are you willing to make the necessary changes to improve everyday living and discover how to reset your mind to understand that food is NOT fuel? It’s a personal and cultural experience that can enrich your life beyond nutrition alone.

Goals and Accountability are Needed

Do you desire to live a more holistic and natural lifestyle? If you’re looking for a space where you can freely express yourself with no judgment or shame and have honest conversations about nutrition, food, and holistic living, and are looking for a partner to help you reach your nutrition and lifestyle goals, I would love to connect with you.


I promise to listen and share personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance and empower you through your nutrition and health journey every step of the way.


Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Time Together

1. Comprehensive Assessment

Before our first visit, you will complete your comprehensive assessments that look at nutrition, lifestyle, and your personal health and wellness goals. 

These will be sent to you via an online portal I will share via email before our first in-person visit. I’ll need a few days to review and assess, and then we can get rolling!

2. 90-Minute Consultation

Then we get to know each other in a 90-minute consultation to discuss your comprehensive assessment. I’ll also share observations, feedback, and recommendations. A formal Nutrition Guide is made to assist you in achieving your goals. 

3. Monthly Sessions

During the 90-minute consultation, we’ll set up a follow-up visit for week 3. In the three weeks following your consultation, you will be coached through your goals via email and/or phone support. We will also assess how our time will be spent moving forward and how often we need to see each other.

I respect our time together and desire it to be quality over quantity. 

4. Forming New Habits

In our time together, I’ll share a personalized nutrition guide that will give you 3 – 5 minor changes to make. These changes should form into new habits as we improve your nutrition and health.

Once established, we can continue to build healthy habits, behaviors, and mindsets. 

5. Commitment and Accountability

You’ve heard it time and again—accountability matters. I genuinely desire to share my wisdom and passion for nutrition to help you live more healthily.

Depending on your challenges, struggles, and goals, we can schedule 1-, 3- or 6-month packages to help with accountability and community. 

6. Healthy Living

I hope to encourage and equip you to live a healthy, nutrient-rich life. 

My hope is that during our time together, you will achieve your goals, gain clarity in your nutrition journey, learn nutritional wisdom, and walk away with the skills and tools to make healthy, informed choices—building positive relationships with food—while creating community and culture within it for the people you care about.